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An-Nahla Education Development Forum

Established on 2008.03.20


An-Nahla Education Development Forum,
Ihalapuliyan Kulam ,

The Founder Members of An - Nahla Education Development Forum:·
M.S.M.Nizam (Noori, Azhari
M.R.M.Ranees (University Of Colombo)·
B.Jaaiz (Usvi)
A.M.Mafas (Sales Executive)

The Moto of NEDF :
Knowledge is Light

The logo of NEDF:

Objectives of NEDF:

A/Ihalapuliyan Kulam is situated in the backward part of Anuradhapura in Kekirawa secretariat near to Maradankadawala. Ihalapuliyan Kulam where the majority is the farming community who depend on the agriculture for earning their living. The farming community of Ihalapuliyan Kulam never thought to have a good education for there area. An-Nahla Education Development Forum (NEDF) giving a helping hand to a underprivileged backward area of Anuradhapura, , by conducting classes for all students & special classes for grade five scholarship students & G.C.E. O/L, in order to ensure that the standard of school education and religious education of the long neglected area of the farming community of Kekirawa is equal to the rest of the area of the privileged students of Anuradhapura.

Ø Organizing the seminars for G.C.E A/L, G.C.E O/L and Grade five scholarship students

Ø Organizing the competition among the students.

Ø Organizing awareness program for parents, teachers and students.

Ø Conducting ahadiya school.

Ø Making arrangements for vocational courses.

N.M.Rafi (Naleemi),
An-Nahla Education Development Forum,
Ihalapuliyan Kulam,

General Secretary:
M.R.M.Ranees ,
An-Nahla Education Development Forum,
Ihalapuliyan Kulam,
Maradan Kadawala.
Contact no: 071-3320333
Emai :

Maneging Committee of NEDF

President : N.M.Rafi (Naleemi)

Vice President : H.M.Ramseen (Noori)

General Secretary : M.R.M.Ranees (University Of Colombo)

Assistant Secretary : B.Jaaiz (Uzvi)

Treasurer : T.M.Ramzan (Uzvi)

Assistant Treasurer : A.M.Mujahi Deen (Noori)

Commitee Members : M.S.M.Nizam (Noori), N.M.Munnawar H.M.Risan, A.M.Asaam, M.I.M.Yuzry

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