Friday, March 4, 2011

Miles Stones of Devoted Journey of NEDF

Miss.Ubaideen Umaima has got thorough the Ahadhiyyah Intermediate Exam 2012 with 3A Passes. 95% Of Students passed from our Ahadhiyyah school.

Mr.H.M.Risan has got through the AHADHIYYAH FINAL EXAMINATION 2009 (2010) with 4D passes.

Ms.A.C.Sanas &and Ms.M.N.Nisla also have got through the AHADHIYYAH FINAL EXAMINATION 2009 (2010)

Launching the ''An Nahla'' Magazine
We have launched An Nahla Magazine -2012 on 05.02.2012 in the 3rd anniversary of An Nahla Education Development Forum and An Nahla Ahadhiyyah School of Ihala Puliyankulam, Maradankadawala.

Teachers Training Programme

We have Succesessfully organized One Day training programme for Anuradhapura District Ahadhiyyah Teachers on 17th of February 2011 at A/ Ihala Puliyan kulam Muslim Vidyalaya. The Assiatant Director of Education Tamil Unit (North Central Province ) Mr.E.Peer Mohamaed Was the Chief Geust.

Topic Were Discussed as Follows

* Introcuction To Ahadhiyyah Schools By Mr.M.A.M.Dilshan (President , Federation of Ahadhiyyah Schools, Anuradhapura District)

* Modern Teaching Methodology By Mr.E.Peer Mohamed (Assistan Director of Education Tamil Unit,NCP)

* "Change, a Islamic Persperctive" By Ashiek A.C.M.Mashahir (Director, Sri Lanka Institute of Arabic Language)

Annual certificate Awarding Ceremony

Annual Certificate awarding ceromany of An Nahla Ahadhiyyah School, on 30.01.2011 at A/Ihala Puliayankulam muslim Vidyalaya Main Hall.

Chaired By:

Br.M.R.M.Ranees (Principal Of An Nahla Ahadhiyyah School)

Cheif Guests :

Br.Ashiek N.M.Rafi (Naleemi,President NEDf)

Br.Asheik H.M.Ramsin (Noori) (Asst.Secratary for admistration of NEDF)

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